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What Will Magical Micro-nano Structure Bring to Electronic Information Technology?
What Will Magical Micro-nano Structure Bring to Electronic Information Technology?
2021-11-17 15:28:03



More than 70% of information obtained by humans is light information obtained by eyes.

The acquisition and processing of optical information is a major point for future smart device perception and it is also a major means of environmental changes.

To obtain information more accurately and process information more quickly, let us see what new possibilities does the magical micro-nano structure bring to electronic information technology?

Micro-nano structure can control light

Spin like a tornado

Dance like a ballerina

Rotating light field carries information of new dimensions

The dancing light field produces micro-scale light power

Micro-scale light power can form

Light tweezers, light wrenches

To hand and manipulate

Molecular level microscopic particles


Have you ever heard of the integrated "light" road?

The micro-nano structure allows various optical devices to be integrated on the chip!

Light quantum chip————

Integrate quantum state generation, manipulation, and detection in one

To achieve a quantum network with key distribution


Free electrons flying at high speed can radiate light field

Previously it could only be observed in large electron accelerators

Micro-nano structure allows low-speed flying electrons

Shine on a small chip!

It gives birth to ultra-small high-performance terahertz source,

Which will show in medical imaging and safety inspection——

With X-ray-like perspective

But no radiation damage from X-rays...


Spectrum is the fingerprint of a substance

Do you want to get information about the substance on each pixel by taking pictures?

Then each pixel must be a spectrometer!

Micro-nano structure makes spectroscopic imaging dream come true

Integrated 150,000 miniature spectrometers with a resolution of up to 1nm,

The world's first real-time spectral imaging chip comes.

In near future

By taking pictures via mobile phone

You can know the sweetness of the fruit

You can also find harmful additives in food



We are committed to the industrialization of innovative achievements

Tianjin H-Chip Technology Corperation——

Let the micro-nano light chip out of the laboratory


Let spectral sensing be everywhere


Magical micro-nano structure

Open the door to future chips

Bring more possibilities

For electronic information technology,

——with unlimited room for imagination!